New to the Flock…or Herd?

One week ago Monday, the Great Lakes Loons welcomed a new member to the family. Wearing a red alternate Loons jersey over his brown furry pelt, Rall E Camel burst out of the ‘mysterious box’ and into the hearts of the several Loons fans around the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Barely into the season, Rall E is already starting to show off some of his curious camel customs. Fortunately, we had a camera handy.

One of the most excited members of the Loons staff is Lou E. Loon, who has spent the last five years palling around with a rubber chicken. Now Lou can finally shoot the breeze with someone who speaks his language.

Here Rall E runs into trouble on the playground slide at Lou E.’s Lookout, presented by MidMichigan Health, his chin hooking him at the top. Lou climbed the structure and showed Rall the proper way to slide: head first.

For those wondering about Rall E’s origin, it all dates back to one game in 2009. Having exhausted all means of sparking a Loons rally, there was still one last video clip in the production vault. The following ‘Rally Camel’ clip was played on the video board and lo and behold the team rallied. Throughout the year the clip was played in late-game situations and every time the team would rally for the win. Rall E was born.

The Latin American players have really taken to Rall E’s pregame antics. Here he is loosening up with Loons second baseman Jesus Arredondo. Like Rall E, Arredondo is entering his first season of professional baseball in the United States.

Rall E’s hump is perfect for storing water in the hot days of summer, but it also doubles as a perfect way to carry Loons players. Carrying Rall E however is still a rather awkward procedure.

Finally here is Rall E reaping the rewards of his rally call, high-fiving Loons players after the win.

Of the seven Loons home games last week, three of them resulted in rallies to victory, sparked by the aural dronings of one Rall E Camel. The Loons return to Dow Diamond on April 25. Stop by to see our newest friend!


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